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The Benefits of Waterproof Concrete


Using special admixtures, waterproof concrete can be created for a number of applications. Whether you’re creating a swimming pool, basement, waterworks or other applications where the finished concrete will be exposed to moisture, waterproof concrete is the ideal material and brings with it numerous benefits.

Are you creating a structure which will be heavily exposed to water? Is your region often exposed to wet weather? Here are the top five reasons your project will benefit from the use of waterproof concrete.

Corrosion & deterioration prevention

The integrity of any structure is vitally important, but this can be impacted by the corrosion or deterioration of the structures within – such as wood or metal – as well as the concrete itself. To prevent water from being able to attack the internal materials within your concrete, waterproof concrete is a sensible option when planning the structure. Without this added protection afforded to you by waterproof concrete, you could be putting people and property at risk.

Requires less restoration

If you’re debating the cost of waterproof concrete, simply think of it as a long-term investment for your project. Often, concrete structures which are exposed to water and moisture will crack and fail in time, this requires restoration and repair on a continual basis whether it is on the inside or outside the building where the damage becomes apparent.

Through waterproofing your concrete, you’ll reduce the need for this restoration internally or externally, making the choice a cost-effective one.

Prevents mold & mildew

There is nothing more frustrating than erecting a new structure only to find that water and moisture are causing mold and mildew to form. Not only does this impact the aesthetic of your property, but it is also harmful to the health of anyone occupying the building.

When your concrete is waterproof, you establish a barrier to moisture and thus prevent mold and mildew from establishing a hold.

Increases property value

Another thought for the long-term when choosing your building materials is the resale value. Building your home or conducting any DIY means you get to futureproof the property from the risk of water – whether it’s from the wet weather or constant exposure. This increases the value placed on it by potential buyers, as they will take comfort knowing that the issues which usually come with concrete and moisture will be less likely to rear their head.

Reduces cleaning and maintenance

When your concrete is exposed to water and moisture for long periods, it can often mean keeping a constant routine of cleaning and maintenance to keep the material in top condition. With waterproof concrete, everything is much cleaner after a heavy downpour, flood or storm, saving you a lot of time and effort.

To prevent your structure from becoming ugly and weakening under the constant threat from water, turn to Easy Mix Concrete Services for waterproof concrete in Austin, Texas and the wider region. We mix your concrete to your specification and can utilize special admixtures for whatever project you undertake. Call today and our team will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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