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How to Pour a Concrete Floor

Concrete floors are used for homes, garages, car parks, office blocks – the list goes on! Concrete floors are so popular and are widely installed because they offer a strong and simple surface that can be dressed up or...

What is Gunite and What is it Used For?

The trade terms for sprayed concrete are gunite and shotcrete. Gunite and shotcrete are alternative forms of concrete, distributed by a hose at a high velocity, which enables us to reach awkward surfaces such as tunnels, bridges, swimming pools...

Concrete Pump FAQs

Whether you’ve ordered concrete countless times or you’re new to ordering concrete – Easy Mix are here to take you through all of your commonly asked questions regarding concrete pumps – so if you’re unsure of anything, take a...

What Are the Advantages of Ready Mixed Concrete?

Ready mixed concrete is a customized product that is manufactured to meet customer needs and specifications. This type of concrete is created in specialized batching plants and is mixed professionally to ensure customers receive the optimal blend that’ll help...

How to Pour Concrete in Hot Weather

Concrete cures through the process of hydration, absorbing water as it hydrates. The process results into formation of crystals around the constituent particles. During hot weather, the drying of concrete is sped up which leads to low-quality concrete that...

Is Cement the Same as Concrete?

Cement is not the same as concrete; cement is an ingredient of concrete. When mixed with water and sand, it becomes mortar, a smooth paste which is used in bricklaying. If an aggregate of pebbles or coarsely ground rocks...

The Benefits of Waterproof Concrete

Using special admixtures, waterproof concrete can be created for a number of applications. Whether you’re creating a swimming pool, basement, waterworks or other applications where the finished concrete will be exposed to moisture, waterproof concrete is the ideal material...

Shotcrete: What is it and why is it useful?

You may well have heard of shotcrete before, but have you ever wondered what it actually is? Is it a product or a process? Well, here at Easy Mix Concrete Services we’re going to walk you through what shotcrete...

The Benefits of Pervious Concrete

Pervious concrete has been available for almost 50 years, but is now finally becoming the concrete type of choice for a wide range of purposes across the US. The majority of concrete is impermeable to water, which means that...


There are always new developments when it comes to construction and DIY, and at Easy Mix Concrete Ltd, we want to keep you up to date with all the goings-on. As part of our commitment to deliver an unmatched...

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