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How to Pour a Concrete Floor

Concrete floors are used for homes, garages, car parks, office blocks – the list goes on! Concrete floors are so popular and are widely installed because they offer a strong and simple surface that can be dressed up or down depending on its purpose. However, when pouring a concrete floor there are things that you should do to ensure the floor is level, crack-free and can stand the test of time. And while many people turn to experts to pour their concrete floors, it can be done without the help of professionals, so if you’re feeling confident, let’s take a look at how to pour a concrete floor properly.

Steps to take before pouring a concrete floor:

  • Prepare
  • Create a base layer
  • Reinforce
  • Pour
  • Cure

Prepare your floor before pouring concrete

Before pouring your concrete you must prepare the floor as, unfortunately, you can’t just mix and pour! The first thing you must do is accurately measure the area where you wish to pour your concrete floor.

If you’re pouring a concrete floor on soil, you will need to compact the earth first to make sure the area is firm and level, so your concrete will be level too. By ensuring your ground is smooth and level, you can ensure a crack-free and level concrete floor.

Creating the base layer for your concrete flooring

It’s important to create a base layer between the soil and your concrete flooring. To do this you will need to lay between two and four inches of fine and compacted aggregates.

Reinforce your concrete flooring

If your floor is expected to take a lot of weight, you’ll want to think about reinforcement bars but if the concrete flooring is only going to be taking on light loads, then you needn’t worry about this section.

However, for floors that are likely to take multiple cars and heavy machinery, reinforcement bars are a must. For expansive structures, any reinforcement work must be certified by a structural firm first. For small structures, 10 reinforcement bars 600mm apart will be more than enough to strengthen your concrete flooring.

Pour the concrete

Whatever type of concrete you are using for your flooring, it’s vital that the mix is fresh and ready to pour. If you’re using ready-mixed concrete, you’ll want to pour it as quickly as possible on arrival. When pouring your fresh concrete mix, have a rake ready to even out your concrete pour. 

Cure concrete flooring

After the mix has been poured, you’ll need to wait for it to cure – 10 days is advisable. Whilst your pour cures, keep it cool so it retains its moisture. To do this you can use concrete blankets. 

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