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Shotcrete: What is it and why is it useful?

You may well have heard of shotcrete before, but have you ever wondered what it actually is? Is it a product or a process? Well, here at Easy Mix Concrete Services we’re going to walk you through what shotcrete is and how you can benefit from using it on your structures.

What is shotcrete?

Shotcrete can be either a wet or dry cement, and you can essentially choose the right shotcrete mix to meet the requirements of your project. The mixture is then put in place by spraying the structure into the desired location – be it a vertical structure or a horizontal one. This is possible due to the high speed of spraying and the speed at which the material dries and solidifies.

What are the benefits of shotcrete?

There are so many benefits to using shotcrete, but here we’ll cover a few of the key reasons it is so popular.

  • Aquatic Capabilities – Used with great frequency in the construction of swimming pools and other aquatic structures, shotcrete is ideal for this purpose. Not only is it easier to spray the material into place for a solid structure, but it can also be added to in order to tailor the mix.
  • Longevity Properties – Lasting for decades, shotcrete swimming pools mean that you won’t need to undergo any major works any time soon. Relax and enjoy your pool knowing that you made a wise investment.
  • Less Formwork Required – Normally, a structure will require formwork to take the internal pressure of the concrete being poured and setting, but with shotcrete this isn’t the case, making pouring a lot easier.
  • Save Time & Money – There are several savings to be had when choosing shotcrete for your project, including savings on labor costs and how long it takes to complete new construction projects.
  • Additives – Shotcrete can be tailored and enhanced through the use of admixtures, so whether you want improved water resistance, a faster pumping rate or a mix which only requires a one-layer application, you can achieve it.
  • Easy To Apply – Because shotcrete is sprayed into place, this means even those areas which are hard to reach can have shotcrete applied. This could mean coating layers overhead or even underground.
  • Any Shape – Create any shape for your pool with adaptable shotcrete – there is no limit to the design you can achieve with this versatile concrete type.

concrete being sprayed

What can I use shotcrete for?

There are so many situations where shotcrete can be utilized, but here is a brief list of common applications:

  • Ground supports
  • Swimming Pools
  • Skate Parks
  • Refractory
  • Domes
  • Architecture & Landscaping
  • Repair Work
  • Restoration Work

If you’re looking for shotcrete for your construction project in Austin, Texas, and the wider region, then give the team at Easy Mix Concrete Services a call today. Whether you need shotcrete for a new swimming pool, repair work or shoring work, we can provide the best possible price and our expert assistance.

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